July 8, 2008

Revenge #1

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((Alright, here comes the second “chapter” and the first target! I hope you still enjoy the story even the quality is poor. Its 1:25 a.m. right now and I just wanted to write it. I think I will adjust it here and there later on, but for now its okay.
Also there is a flower in the story. It will have a quite important role after all. Here you can see the picture of the flower so that you can imagine everything in a better way. Damascene Black Cumin. Enjoy it! ))

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June 27, 2008

The beginning

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Alright, this will be the new start of a series of stories. You don’t know the main character yet, but I hope that you will know him better later. If you want to have the full “emotions” then just listen to the main-theme of braveheart while you read the beginning of the series. Here is the link to the song on youtube. Sorry for the bad quality. Braveheart Theme Have fun!

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June 26, 2008

Why writing stories leads to frustrations.

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Alright! At least I got your attention by this provoking, for some people even absurd headline.
Why I chose such a statement as headline? Because that’s my results when I think about why I can’t write good, deep or touching stories anymore.

Be aware that this is a PURE COMPLAINTS POST!!! So if you don’t want to destroy your mood, then DON’T read it. Last chance to stop! Don’t say later that I didn’t warn you!!!

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June 9, 2008

The most important weekend lately

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Alright.. where to start? Well… how about the begining? Would be a good idea, wouldn’t it?
It began with the fact that I wanted to visit Zee-chan, but I still had to visit a bday party with cooking etc of a co-worker.
I don’t deny that it was plenty of fun, but the ride back home was no fun at all. I was riding my motorbike and I drove directly into a bad thunderstorm. Thunderstorm + Bike = could end deadly.
It was really scary and I was so afraid so that I prefered to fly over the street rather than riding (avg 150 km/h while 100 km/h allowed). 2 lightnings stroke down way to close for my taste… just a few meters away from me. I prayed like a mantra “not today, not here, not now!” and saw myself as a fried and burnt something on the street already.

In the end I arrived my save home and it was like almost midnight already. But there was no choice! I wanted to visit Zee-chan and so I left my home again, I took all my armor, put it into my car and started to drive to her. Its just 2 hours by car from my home… so its quite okay~!
Luckily she and her sister stayed awake all the time to wait for me to arrive. Too sweet of them! Thanks once more you two! I really appriciated it~!
Unfortunately I had to stop after around a hour to have a break of 30 mins to drink a tripple mocca to stay awake, because I almost fell asleep on the highway. Bad side-effect: When I arrived I’ve been like a colibri on ecstasy! Oh my my…. Zee-chan was so tired and I couldn’t stop teeming around like Leon when he is sugar high. Sorry Zee-chan!

At the next day we went to a medieval festival as planned. When we arrived there, Zee-chan wore her beautiful green white dress and I wore my armor (gambeson and chain mail), it started thundering far away. The clouds, black heavy and full of rain were also still far away and luckily not moving too fast. So we were able to enjoy the festival and I even got used to the heat in the armor and the merciless sun. It was really hot and the air-pressure was high because of the thunderstorm close by. In other words: it was muggy like no tomorrow!
But the market / festival was so special and I would even call it cute! Small, not too crowded and not too “professional” so that you couldn’t pay for anything there anymore. The prices were surprisingly low and even the entrance fee was 0 Euro! Thats very rare in germany that you don’t have to pay for such events. Usually you pay like 10 Euro for the entrance alone! Insane, ne? x_x
I even found some cool additional gimmicks for my armor. A belt, old looking and very unique, for just 3 Euro (usually they are between 20-30 Euro) and we met an older woman who was very nice and amusing because she immediately talked like a RPer in the old fashion language. She and her friends are in kinda club and they sew medival and fantasy old clothes. I found something cool and quite cheap, but the color was too dark for my taste and so I asked her if they would also do remittance work. She luckily approved it and so I will get a very cool and unique looking upper part to wear above my chain mail in beige. I think I will post some pictures of me in complete armor when I got the part. I can barely wait to see and wear it! ^_^
Right when we decided to go home and sat down in the car, the rain and with that also the thunderstorm started. Right in the same second when we closed the doors! What a great timing, ne? XD

At home we sat down and talked… you know chit-chat about everything and nothing. But then we came to a topic and we finally realized what others seemed to know about the two of us for a long time already. The deeper we got into the conversation, the more nervous I became… I was even too shy to look at her while the conversation properly, because I was so afraid of this moment. Silly me, ne? *shakes head* But I knew that this moment, this conversation would cause a change which would be irreversible.. no matter how this change would look like. Good or bad.
We talked but then we had to stop and we started to study together for a bit. Oh well… the hours were like minutes to me and then came the goodbye. This goodbye was worse than any other ever before. But the hug, while we stood in front of my car, was incredible good, warm and… *sighs* why did it have to stop? I could have stayed like this for hours. It felt so peaceful and I had the feeling like the time would stand still, same like my heart and my breath for a little while.

I am really looking forward to go back to Siegen in 3 weeks. Back to her. *smiles*

June 1, 2008

How to recruit Priests into a guild?

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Simple! Just ask them “You are a sadist and too afraid to fight at the front? Become a Healer! Join now!” And give them a flyer like this!

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April 22, 2008

Inspired by Mei-san

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Your number is: 1

The characteristics of #1 are: Initiating action, pioneering, leading, independent, attaining, individual.

The expression or destiny for #1:
A number 1 Expression denotes the skilled executive with keen administrative capabilities. You must develop the capacity to be a fine leader, sales executive, or promoter. You have the tools to become an original person with a creative approach to problem solving, and a penchant for initiating action. Someone may have to follow behind you to handle the details, but you know how to get things going and make things happen. You have a good mind and the ability to use it for your advancement. Because of these factors, you have much potential for achievement and financial rewards. Frequently, this expression belongs to one running a business or striving to achieve a level of accomplishment on ones talents and efforts. You have little need for much supervision, preferring to act on your own with little restraint. You are both ambitious and determined. Self-confident and self-reliant must be yours, as you develop a strong unyielding will and the courage of your convictions.

Although you fear loneliness, you want to be left alone. You fear routine and being in a rut. You often jump the gun because you are afraid of being left behind.

The negative attributes of the 1 Expression are egotism and a self-centered approach to life. This is an aggressive number and if it is over-emphasized it is very hard to live with. You do not have to be overly aggressive to fulfill your destiny. The 1 has a natural instinct to dominate and to be the boss; adhering to the concept of being number One. Again, you do not have to dominate and destroy in order to lead and manage.

Your Soul Urge number is: 6

A Soul Urge number of 6 means:
With a number 6 Soul Urge, you would like to be appreciated for your ability to handle responsibility. Your home and family are likely to be a strong focus for you, perhaps the strongest focus of your life. Friendship, love, and affection are high on your list of priorities for a happy life. You have a lot of diplomatic tendencies in your makeup, as you a able to rectify and balance situations with an innate skill. You like working with people rather than by yourself. It is extremely important for you to have harmony in your environment at all times.

The positive side of the 6 Soul Urge produces a huge capacity for responsibility; you are always there and ready to assume more than your share of the load. If you possess positive 6 Soul Urges and express them, you are known for your generosity, understanding and deep sympathetic attitude. Strong 6 energy is very giving of love, affection, and emotional support. You may have the inclination to teach or serve your community in other idealistic ways. You have natural abilities to help people. You are also likely to have artistic and creative leanings.

If you have an over-supply of 6 energy in your makeup, you may express some of the negative traits common to this number. With such a strong sympathetic attitude, it is easy to become too emotional. Sometimes the desires to render help can be over done, and it can become interfering and an attitude that is too protective, rather than helpful. The person with too much 6 energy often finds that people tend to take advantage of this very giving spirit. You may tend to repress your own needs so that you can cater to the demands from others. At times, there may be a tendency in this, for becoming over-loaded with such demands, and as a result become resentful.

Your Inner Dream number is: 4

An Inner Dream number of 4 means:
You dream of being a very solid citizen that people can depend upon. You strive for organization and predictable order. You want to be recognized as a person with a plan and the discipline to make that plan work like clockwork.

April 8, 2008

Alex’s mission (aka “The nightmare begins!”)

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From the corridor of the HQ of Alex’s squad comes busy voices, noises of daily business and other sounds which can’t be identified, but they are quite damped.


Alex himself sits in his office which one is as “sympathetic” as every other cold looking standard office. He leans back on his chair while staring at a file on his desk.

Red letters “Confidential” are decorating the plain light brown paper-cover of the file.


The minutes pass by while there is no sound or movement in the office. Alex stares all the time at the file he got from his commander. It was his new mission.

It is quite normal that as soon as he finished one mission, the next mission would await him already. And that was exactly what he was looking for all the last few days. A new mission! Another target! Far…FAR away from that bard and this “preadolescent” joke of a wannabe Crusader!!!


“Gosh! Why does this bother me so much anyway?! It’s just a kid! One of a thousands…. if not millions!” Alex sighs and leans back a little more on his chair and almost lies on it. His arms rest crossed in front of his chest and stomach. His thoughts are drifting off and the silence in his office comes back again.


“How did it all start? …. hm… right! I met him while he was talking to my target, this bard. I was supposed to escort the bard from Aldebaran to Prontera.” Alex smirks amused” ….He really doesn’t look or act like one of those snobby nobles or royals. He looks like a normal bard… oh well! Who cares who he really is. Not that it would be of any interest to me!” He shrugs and continues thinking about everything that happened.

“This boy was there too. No idea why, but somehow Sir Rionell agreed to the request of that boy to join us on the way back to Prontera. This boy is so damn far away from living in the reality! Oh hell!!! His world just contains out of white and black. This is as far away from reality as a Frilldora from being a Falcon!

This boy has a good strong will… that’s not the matter. But he finally needs to open his eyes and mind for the real life! I tried to explain and prove him on our trip that there is also grey between white and black. That not everything “good” is actually really good and that also “bad” doesn’t always have to be bad. And what did this stubborn boy?! He even refused listening to me and ignored the truth. With that attitude he will have to go the tough way to learn it or he’ll die. …..That would be a pity and waste, because he has quite some potential!…. I still don’t like him….”


Alex takes a deep breath and grabs the file to open it and to a look at the mission papers, which are completed by a picture of Rionell, the bard who has been his former target as well. He looks at the picture for a while and shakes head. Then closes the file and gets up to grab his bow and equipment. “Alright! Let’s play bodyguard for Sir Rionell…. and babysitter for the boy” He sighs and leaves his office to find Rionell in the castle of Prontera.

January 16, 2008

A few more words in my book about my work

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….even more work….

….12h shifts are tiring….

But I still can smile and I have some nice moments to dream at work. And still I am awaiting weekend with wide opened arms. I hope it will be friday night soon!

Maybe I should start writing at work…. Not for people to nag about the nonsense I write, not for others to praise what I write, but just all alone for myself. Just to write… and maybe to read it later. Way later!

But first comes work… then the rest.

January 2, 2008

More words are added to the book~!

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Alright! That was New Year Eve 2007!

It was great! Even if we had some not so nice “interruptions” of my plans, but it was still amazing! I know I know! Plans are made to be destroyed. I am aware of that. But I didn’t think that our plans to celebrate the new year eve in Amsterdam would be destroyed in such a cruel way. We wanted to go and what did we have to realize? Its as foggy as I never saw it before! I thought “okay, we could still try to drive to Amsterdam. Maybe its not that bad on the highway.” But I was wrong!!!!!

It was that bad that we could barely see anything in front of us…. not to talk about the signs and traffic lights which were “greatly” visible in the moment when you drove past them.

So we just went to the next bigger city called Enschede (at least way bigger than the lil village where I am living now). We had quite some fun there, walked around, saw cool shops, nice monastery like buildings, joked around about how we imagine our RP buildings like the castle of Sir Robin and then we even met some weirdos who wanted to “invite” us to eat somewhere and smoke some weed with them (….yes weed! remember, I am living close to the Netherlands!). I talked to them and somehow managed to let them be “uninterested” in us, so that we could leave them alone.

At the time when our hair started to freeze because of the fog and the -2°C, we decided to go back home. We prepared some food and Zee-chan learnt a new receipe how to prepare some meat with cayenne pepper and honey. I prefer it with chicken meat and I forgot to take it off the heat, but she still seemed to like it. (lucky me~ XD )

After that we tried to celebrate midnight with all the firework in a lil bigger town, but through the fog I lost the right direction and we could barely see any great firework. But we found a group of people who made their own lil lightning show and enjoyed it. We went home at 00:45, but went to bed at 02:30 am, because Zee-chan was too tired. I was fine with it. If she needs sleep, then she should get it. ^^

The next day we talked and talked and talked and…. did I mention already that we talked? I never talked that much before I think…. or barely. We talked a lot about our RP, our charas and about new evil ideas. *smirks evilly* But it was so much fun! And we prepared and enjoyed some Spaghetti á la Robi.

I was quite sad when I realized that the time goes by like nothing else and she had to leave already. That were 2 great days and I hope she had as much fun as I had. Hopefully my car is fixed soon so that I could visit her asap!


P.S.: Maybe we can manage to go to Amsterdam or Berlin next year! There is always a next time~! ^_^ v

December 30, 2007

The empty book isn’t that empty it seems~!

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There are the first of a thousands of words!

The rest comes later~! Lets see what the new year will bring. But the New Year Eve will be great… for sure! And do you know why? Because there will be a nice visitor~!